Support CT State Legislation for Healthy Start Times

In January 2019, FOUR state legislators submitted bills for healthy school start times. Please email the Education Committee in Hartford to let them know you support healthy start times and want to see this topic make it to public hearing!

Click here to email legislators (blank message)

Click here for an email with a pre-populated message. (It is always better to write your own letter, but feel free to use this if you don’t have time or use it as a starting point and modify it. Personal stories about your experience with early start times are particularly effective!)

Why is a state law a good thing in the case of Later Start? 

First, this is a public health issue, and we should not leave public health decisions up to local education districts - they are not health experts. If a school has asbestos in the walls or lead in the water, they are required by public health law to fix it. 

 Second, the most well-meaning Superintendents and BOEs have great difficulty implementing later start because of resistance to change, much of which comes from sources that do not place a priority on student health.  Currently, every district that does this must reinvent the wheel - spending excessive time and resources on educating/convincing the public and "evaluating" the medical consensus, when they could instead use those resources to determine how best to implement the change. The medical evidence is indisputable and a state law will give districts the ability to do the right thing without wasting time and money. 

 Third, a state law that incentivizes all districts to change means all schools will still have similar dismissal times, which alleviates one of the pressures that makes change difficult.