Sleep is a basic need. It is a critical component of mental and physical health and the ability to learn. Teens need 8.5-9.5 hours of sleep a night and they need it at the right time - their body clocks shift later, so getting to bed earlier is not a viable option. Most New Canaan teens are getting 7 or fewer hours of sleep. Over 1/3 of them are getting 6 or fewer hours. Our teens are chronically sleep-deprived.


Why Start Times Matter

"Sleep deprivation is a growing public health issue affecting our nation's adolescents, putting them at risk for mental, physical and emotional distress and disorders. Scientific evidence strongly suggests that allowing adolescents more time for sleep at the appropriate hours results in improvements in health, academic performance, behavior, and general well-being. We believe delaying school start times will help ensure middle and high school students get enough sleep, and that it will improve the overall mental and physical health of our nation's young people."

                                                 ~ AMA Board Member William E. Kobler, M.D.




Many top-performing districts around the country have successfully changed school start times, despite the myths and misconceptions that surround the issue. Read the Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) to learn more about the real impact of changing school start times.


Get Involved

Our group aims to educate every member of the New Canaan community on the importance of healthy school hours and to work collaboratively with the BoE and school administration to develop a workable plan for changing start times in New Canaan. You can help: